How To Create An Instagram Stories: A Guide For Marketers

Social media has become the tool for doing everything, be it advertising, becoming famous for your talent or raising awareness for an issue or a cause, or expanding your business to a new horizon. Of the many social media platforms, Instagram has become the one for all. It is almost surprising how much power this platform has, which can make anyone or anything famous overnight taking into account the number of likes and comments posts receive.

How can Marketers use the Story feature efficiently?
Stories can become a powerful tool for marketers to raise awareness among the public about their product, and thus, its efficient use is of utmost importance.
1) Marketers should keep certain things in mind before posting stories since starting with the right foot is always wise. One needs to know there:
• Audience – Knowing your audience’s age group, interest, social, and economic status can help you post content relevantly.
• Goals – A marketer should be clear enough about what they want to achieve if they wish to drive in more sales, raise awareness or influence the audience. Answering the 5 W’s can be beneficial.
2) Determining the frequency of posting stories can also prominently affect the audience base; thus, deciding the posting interval is also necessary.
3) The duration of the posts should also be decided. An ideal length sequence is 3 to 7 posts ranging from anywhere to 35 seconds to 2 minutes.
4) Deciding the time of the day when marketers should posts stories also an essential factor. Posting at the time of the day when your audience is the most active can turn out to be very beneficial.

kk viral can thus become very significant. One should grab the chance to change the way of traditional selling and advertising to a great extent.