How to choose the right heat gun for candle making

How to choose the right heat gun for candle making

There are a few things you need to think about when picking a glue guns for candlestick producing.

●The very first is the actual size of the gun. You desire one which is not too big or too small.

●The second thing to consider is the effectiveness of the gun. You would like one with enough power to dissolve the wax tart although not a lot it may cause the wax to capture on fireplace.

●The next thing to consider is the kind of heat gun.

There are 2 types: hot air guns and heat guns with nozzles. A hot air gun is best for novices because it is tougher to control the heat using a gun with nozzles. Your fourth concern is protection. Be sure to possess a heat gun that features a safeguard to guard your hands from burns.

Listed below are some standard tips for by using a heat gun to help make candle lights:

1.Always employ care whenever using a heat gun. Be sure to have read through and understand the guidelines before use.

2.Use protecting equipment, such as gloves and goggles.

3.In no way keep a heat gun unwatched whilst in use.

4.Keep a fireplace extinguisher close by in case there is urgent.

5.When melting wax tart, work with a pot or pan which is specifically designed for candlestick creating to avoid contamination.

6.Tend not to put normal water to molten wax or place h2o near the flame of the heat gun since this can cause fires.

7.Analyze the heat of the wax tart before incorporating colour or scent to make sure it is not too popular.

How could they be Employed in Candle Making?

In candlestick producing, heat pistols are often used to support take away the wick from your wax. They can also help to quickly and equally dissolve the wax.


While using the the gun for melting the candle be sure to test the temperatures and comply with each of the protection safety measures.